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August 21st 2012 Litter

Sampson and Moka at Misty Morning Doodles

All these puppies have been adopted

Watch the video below to see Turquoise/Pink girl and her sister (both already adopted).  Then, keep scrolling down the page after watching the video to see their baby pictures.


Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies

All puppies are doing splendidly and getting into all kinds of mischief.  (I think all of them have the Houdini gene as they are amazing escape artists!)

They have gained so much weight, I can no longer handle two at a time!  There is no doubt their little food processing equipment is working just fine as cleanup never ends.  I can say with certainty, they are winning the battle!  Oh well, just a few more weeks before they head home to the lucky new families.  I am missing them already.  Saying goodbye is always a bitter-sweet time.  I am glad they are all very healthy and happy, but there is a little sadness realizing that I will not see most of them again.

I love all the pictures I get from each litter and hope this one will be no exception!  I am counting on it to brighten the days ahead.

Until next time.

4 weeks old.  How can you resist?

Moka's puppies - Blue Boy  Moka's puppies - Green Girl  Moka's puppies - Multicoloured Boy

Moka's puppies - Red Boy  Labradoodle puppy  Moka's puppies - Tura-Blue Girl

Australian Labradoodle puppy  Labradoodle puppy  Australian Labradoodle puppy

Moka and Sampson’s adorable puppies all enjoyed a ‘SPA’ day on Saturday – starting with a mani-pedi nail trim.  Then they  imbibed on 1cc of worm cocktail – yuk!  Followed by a ‘new collar’ ceremony.  Now they all have real collars, making it easier to tell who is who.  Next they “enjoyed” (yeah right!) a little tidy up for this week’s Photo Shoot.

They were all amazing – quietly lying on their back for their little nails to be trimmed like it was an everyday occurrence.  Hopefully, this will make chow time a little easier on mom, who is still nursing in spite of the puppy kibble saturated with Greek God Yogurt (nothing but the best!) which the puppies are thoroughly enjoying.  They will soon be needing a treadmill to stay in shape – although play times are pretty active!

They just keep getting cuter by the day – and I have fallen in love with every one of them!  Until next time – stay tuned . . .


3 weeks old and looking cuter every day!

Moka and Sampson's puppies

All puppies now have their eyes open and legs are getting stronger each day but they are still lacking in balance big time!  Their favourite game appears to be ‘Bumper Puppies’ as they clumsily climb and fall over each other, with no clear winners!

While mom’s milk is still the favorite they are on puppy ‘gruel’.  Softened puppy kibble with Greek God Yogurt, a little dab of squash, and topped with a sprinkle of probiotic supplement – Yummy, Yummy!

Not quite so many feet in the dish anymore, but grooming each other after feeding gives them another whole snack!  They are not terribly tidy eater’s and need to work on their table manners – however, they seem to enjoy the cuisine and it eases up on Moka’s ‘milk bar’!   She has done exceptionally well with nine of these little guys!  And while I trim their nails, I cannot do anything to help with the sharp teeth – OUCH!

They have also learned that a little whining gets things coming their way faster and they are not adverse to growling at each other to assert their own desires!  I haven’t heard any barking yet but am sure that will come soon enough.

Well that is the update from ‘Dining Room Palace’ headquarters.  These beautiful pups get lots of attention, and are just about finished with the Super Star Puppy Program which started on day 5 of their new lives.  Stay tuned for the next episode in a week to 10 days!

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A brand new, adorable litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies have arrived!

On August 21, 2012, Moka (Dam) and Sampson(Sire) welcomed nine beautiful babies – 4 chocolate (2 boys and 2 girls) and 5 cream (one boy and 4 girls).  Mom and pups are doing well.

Australian Labradoodle puppies by Moka and Sampson


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