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February 8, 2012 Litter – Moka and Sampson

All nine of these beautiful Australian Labradoodle Puppies have found their “forever homes”!


Meet Lila – Our little princess

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Australian Labradoodle puppy for adoption

Lila was proudly offered by Misty Morning Doodles – a premium registered breeder with ALCA and ALAA while enjoying Gold Paw recognition.

As a true multi-generational (A-5) Australian Labradoodle, Lila is Double Registered (ALLA & ALCA) and a prodigy of Gold Paw Parents.  As with all our puppies, Lila goes to her new family with:

  • A 2-year health warranty
  • A life time of support
  • All shots and vaccines
  • Spayed
  • Microchip
  • Tattoo
  • And she comes with a very generous “Puppy Pack”.

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This is Quorra.  She has gone to share her forever home with her brother Wilco.

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Chocolate labradoodle puppy for adoption


This is Pip.  She has now gone to her forever family!

“ I am so happy” -I have a new Home –A nice lady named Brenda has adopted me “

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Puple Girl - Australian Labradoodle Puppy by Misty Morning Labradoodles


April 10, 2012

8 weeks old and just look at those personalities blooming.  Take a look below and see “Mommy Moka” finally being able to enjoy some quiet time with her Easter toys, now that the babies are growing up.  She’s even got her girlish figure back!

There are still a few reservation spots available for these beautiful puppies.  Contact Jody at or call toll free 877 335-3455 for additional information – Or complete our on-line application to adopt one of these beautiful non-shedding, allergy friendly ‘Doodles’.

Misty Morning Doodle puppies adopted

Moka - Misty Morning Doodles
                                                  “Mommy Moka” enjoying some quiet time away from the kids.

I am puppy, hear me … roar?

Misty Morning Doodles puppy yawning

March 22, 2012

These beautiful puppies are growing quickly and get cuter every day!  Take a look at their 6 weeks snap shots below.  Which one is your favourite?

There are still a few reservation spots available  – contact Jody at or call toll free 877 335-3455 for additional information – Or complete our on-line application to adopt one of these lovely non-shedding, allergy friendly ‘Doodles’.

Misty Morning Doodle puppies adopted

March 16, 2012

Misty Morning Australian Labradoodles is delighted to announce the safe arrival of these beautiful puppies from ALAA Registered Gold Paw Parents: Talaki Ridge Tenaya(aka Moka)-Dam, and Sampson-Sire,  of Misty Morning.

With superb temperaments,  fabulous wavy/spiral fleece coats and unique colors to choose from, these adorable medium sized multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies are now available.


Misty Morning Doodle puppies adopted


February 8, 2012 delivery day.  What an amazing mother Moka is!

Moka and Sampson's puppies at just 24 hours old


Misty Morning Doodles was delighted with this litter of adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies who have all been adopted!

Moka was a few days ahead of schedule – at least according to my calculations. However, could not ignore the signs which began mid day on Tuesday – I took her to the Vet early on Wednesday morning after being up all night with her – thinking that just possibly she was experiencing something unrelated – ‘Better safe than sorry’! And living on Denman puts me 2 + hours away! My vet gave her an exam, and drew blood for a ‘Target’ test (4 hour turnaround time) which can determine fairly accurately when she would deliver. Results showed she was close, and likely within the next 24 hours. Dr. McKinney (Laura) suggested I hang out for the afternoon in their “comfort” room – where generally folks are grieving their losses – I laid on the couch with Moka at my side – neither of us had slept in the past 24 hours! They also offered, and prepared the suite upstairs so I would be able to spend the night rather than return to Denman (no ferries during the night). Fortunately, I had taken the rest of the crew, the day before to stay with Bev at Doggydo. An amazing ‘dog spa’ facility on the Island. Figured Moka and I could do without their wanting assistance and curiosity!!!

At 2 p.m. (Feb 8th)the delivery started, and we were attended to like Royalty! It was just so incredible to be in this wonderfully comfortable room bringing in life for a change! The last (so we thought) came at about 6:15 – yeah – eight beautiful and healthy babies. I am starting to get ready to head home when Dr. McKinney said she would like to do a final x-ray – just in case! Good call, because number nine had been hiding somewhere, very out of sight, during the initial Feb 3rd x-ray! Which had clearly shown seven, and ‘possibly’ an eighth!!! Laura stayed until the last one was born at 7p.m. (well past her 5p.m.departure time!) What a gift for me to have Laura and numerous techs in attendance all day – they even brought me supper!!! I am now referring to it as the Van Isle Hilton, but with “Comfort Inn” pricing. My checkout was so inexpensive, I felt guilty!

So there is the story of your ‘babies’ introduction to the world – welcomed and loved by all!!! The breakdown is: 3 chocolate (2 males and one female), 3 golden champagne (2 males and one female) and 3 cream (one male and 2 females) – a very nice mix of colours and sexes – and of course above all, healthy! Moka is an excellent mother – very attentive and patient with 9 babies vying for 8 nipples! She has been ravenously hungry so have been feeding her quite a bit more than normal. She is loving canned (Wellness – no grain) without being mixed with lots of kibble – a small bowl of the Greek God Greek yogurt every 6 hours, freshly poached chicken livers, and just a few of her favorite treat – Duck Jerky which she would eat at the exclusion of all else, if she had a choice! Personally my choice would be the yogurt! Do not know if you like yogurt but the Greek God is truly the best in the world!!! Of course loaded with fat, but justified with 5 probiotics included!

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Jody – Misty Morning Labradoodles


Dec. 18, 2011

Special Announcement – Australian Labradoodle Puppies Expected

Moka and Sampson have honeymooned and are expecting beautiful puppies mid February 2012.

Do you want to get on the puppy reservation list for the next litter coming in Feb? There are only 4 spots remaining and they are filling up fast. Find out more information by contacting Misty Morning now at 1-877-335-3455 or email us at

Pride in Quality Australian Labradoodle Breeding

Misty Morning Australian Labradoodles  is a rare find among dog breeders;  truly a cut above the rest when it comes to breeding top quality Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies.

Misty Morning Doodles takes real pride in their contribution to the growing number of would be Labradoodle dog owners. Believing and living by the philosophy; “Without quality parents, you cannot produce quality puppies!” New owners will be pleasantly surprised, if not overwhelmed with all the accompanying paperwork.  Each puppy comes with a five-generation pedigree traced back to the Australian origin, as well as copies of both parents health testing scores (hips, eyes, etc.) and DNA profiles.  Misty Morning Doodles has gone the extra mile to ensure their “foundation” australian labradoodle dogs have all the recommended health testing and more – earning them Gold Paw recognition with the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America).  Puppies are also registered with the ALCA (Australian Labradoodle Club of America).


Feb 2, 2012

The due date is quickly approaching and we at Misty Morning Australian Labradoodles are excited to meet all the new members of the family.  Moka is doing great and is ready to raise her puppies and share her love and knowledge until they are adopted to their “forever” homes.

Watch this Smile Box slideshow to see some photos of the expectant mother. Enjoy!

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