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Week 2 – Photo Gallery

Eyes open – sort of

Ginger always amazes me with respect to her mothering skills – so far she is still doing all the work!  They are enjoying the richness of mother’s milk, and when she is nursing she seems to be in bliss.

She is meticulous in keeping the area clean, and as far as I am concerned that is one job she can keep!!!  However, I will soon be doing my share!  They will start on a ‘mush’ in about one weeks time – this is where it really gets fun – you will start to notice in some of the pictures, remnants of breakfast on their little faces – of course that is only what is visible in the photos – I can assure you it reaches elsewhere!  But it is fun to watch their clumsiness in trying to figure out how to lick instead of suck!  Fortunately, they do manage to figure it all out in a very short period of time.

You will notice that their eyes are opening – actually all but one was open when these were taken – although some were closed because of that annoying flash!

Welcome to the world little ones!!!

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