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Week 6 – Photo Gallery

The puppies are all doing well – they go to the vet  on the 23rd for all their shots and chips and ‘snips’, and then they are ready to head to their new homes!

This is the first litter I have given free-rein, so to speak.  They play in the front yard, the back yard, and yes, even the house.  I am happy to report that except for the very rare piddle, they are completely house-broken!  It has to be a record to have them so well trained at just over 6 weeks of age!  A lot has to do with the good weather, but a lot has to do with their amazing mom, Ginger!

She is still getting me up a couple of times in the night (not sure if I am being played or not!)  But she wakes me (here, a video camera would be priceless!) and I stumble out of bed, go to their nighttime quarters – the laundry room.  As I open the door to give her access, I open the door to the outside at the same time, and out every one goes!

It has been almost easier as one big group because they mostly sleep at the same time, so when I wake them, I quickly take them all outside.

I have a green mat down in the house just in case, but I am hardly ever having to do any clean-up, and they go exclusively on the mat – I guess they think it is grass!  HA! HA!

Anyway, here is a slide show of the beautiful little creatures.  Enjoy.


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